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I've been talking about wow schools a lot in my blog and I've been wanting to do a full wow schools review on this world of warcraft gold secrets guide. So here it is...

WoW Strategy subscribers have been asking me.. is WoW Schools a scam?

I decided to check out this controversial guide and put up a WoW Schools review. After all, the promise of hitting the gold cap is very enticing and I wanted to see if it lived up to expectations.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that players will get exactly what they are looking for with WoW Schools.

WoW Schools reveals the best gold-making method on video in this in-depth strategy course. In fact, everyone I know that has hit the gold cap has used strategies just like the ones you will discover with WoW Schools.

I am happy to report in my WoW Schools review that the content within is truly the secret to making as much gold as you could possibly want. After you master the content provided by WoW Schools, WoW schools promises that you will never have to worry about farming gold again.

Wow schools is not your typical world of warcraft gold guide. It's not a world of warcraft gold guide telling you to go out and collect herbs/ores 24-7 to reach the wow gold cap. It's actually more on how to play the auction correctly which doesn't take more than 20 minutes of your time per day.

I've gotten a lot of 500+ gold profit items. What I mean by this is that I've gotten items for let's say 100 gold and I've been selling them for 600 gold, which makes me a good 500 gold profit with ease and that's just from one item! There is no luck involved. I've been making a huge profit on multiple items. There is no farming involved and there are addons which will automatically find and tell you which items to buy and which items will make you the most warcraft gold. It doesn't get any easier than this!

Here's a peak inside of wow schools...

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction:  You will learn how to fully utilize the world of warcraft client, leverage powerful addons and maximize your gold making potential with the internet.
  • Chapter 2 - How To Use AddOns: You will be taught how to setup addons and use them to their full potential. These addons will provide automation needed to read the wow gold cap (214,748 Gold 36 Silver and 46 Copper).
  • Chapter 3 -  Setting Up Your Auction Character: You will be taught how to make a auction character so that you will be able to reach the wow gold cap.
  • Chapter 4 - Going From Zero to 100 Gold: You will learn how to go from having zero gold to 100 gold from a level one character with no money.
  • Chapter 5 - From 100 to 1,000 gold:  This is where most players without wow schools get stuck.  You will be taught how to invest your gold effectively and how to use your addons better.
  • Chapter 6 - Getting to 20,000 gold: You will learn more advanced tricks for using large amount of gold to make high profits, including cross-fraction tricks and tips.
  • Chapter 7 - Reaching the gold cap. The gold cap is 214,748 Gold 36 Silver and 46 Copper and you will be taught how to reach this wow gold cap. You will learn the tactics for turning a large collection of gold and multiplying it over and over in a matter of days! Finally, you will have the skills necessary to reach the wow gold cap not just once but over and over again!

Those are the main chapters in the wow schools guide, but there are also bonus materials including on to make the most money out of your main professions (Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, Tailoring) and also your secondary professions (fishing, cooking, and first aid). There are also herbing, mining, and skinning routes that will make you the most money.

I honestly love wow schools because most of the stuff is automated. Nothing is illegal, so don't worry. There are addons that will automate the process of finding items that will make you the biggest profit, so you don't have to do any guess work. I've reached the wow gold cap on two characters since I've gotten wow schools.  I've been spending gold like crazy, but I make gold so fast that it's impossible to spend it all.

Wow schools is the best world of warcraft gold guide out there and the methods are 100% legal. I've recommended this world of warcraft gold guide to all of my friends and they all love it.

WoW Schools Secrets Last for a Lifetime

The best I discovered during my WoW Schools review is that the strategies you will learn about in the guide are timeless. In fact, you can apply the same techniques across any number of patches or expansions. They will never get old.

With WoW Schools, you never have to worry about finding the latest farming spot or having tons of farmers and other players move in your location. You will not be asked to log in early in the morning to "beat the crowd" just to make a few gold.

After all, what level 80 or 85 wants to be left behind on their "wheelchair" mount when you can fly at 280% speed? What character leveling up wants to not have enough gold to buy good equipment, talents, and respecs?

Making Gold Was Not Easy..Until Now!!



WoW Schools, Training Players Since 2004

Welcome to WoW Schools! My name is John Hunter and when I play World of Warcraft I have one goal in mind: MAKING TONS OF GOLD! At this point in my WoW career, I don't need anymore gold than I already have, so along with my colleagues at WoW Schools I have directed all my attention to teaching others how to make tons of gold for themselves.

There are over 12 million players playing World of Warcraft today and very few of them know the techniques that top gold makers use to stockpile millions of gold. We use simple tricks combined with free addons and online tools to capitalize on the other 12 million player's mistakes. Best of all, we're sharing everything we've learned with the world, read below to find out more!

Reaching Gold Cap Has Never Been This Easy...

If you want to reach the gold cap, which is currently one-million gold, or to just easily make thousands of gold, then you need WoW School's Reaching Gold Cap course. This course teaches you how to use a level 1 character Reaching Gold Cap... to reach gold cap by using simple step-by-step instructions in 7 easy lessons. All of this along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With the guidance of WoW Schools, you'll have everything you need to freak out all your friends with all the gold you've ever wanted. Have you ever wanted to open a trade window and put in 200,000 gold just to freak someone out?

Please beware: there are a lot of people out there who will tell you making gold is easy. They will tell you to farm their 'secret' location or to do some other monotonous chore over and over until you've got a few thousand gold. What they don't give you is time tested methods kept up to date and continually tested that allow you to make gold easily and efficiently with only a level 1 character. If you follow their advise, you're likely to waste tons of time. Most players come back and tell us about how they wasted months trying to make gold using their 'friends' secret method. Reaching Gold Cap is the only simple and easy course that teaches players how to make gold.



Safe, Legal and Always up to Date

A lot of people ask, "Is this safe? Will it be updated for the next patch?" YES! Don't worry, everything in the course is 100% legal, safe and will not get you banned. We never ask for your username or password and there are no illegal programs to install. Some people will tell you that you can just buy gold from a gold farmer. Yeah right! If you want to have your account banned! This course is also always kept up to date and you will receive free updates throughout Cataclysm. We will include new items and new techniques the minute we start using them.

What You Will Learn

Here is a sneak preview of what you will learn. This isn't even a fraction of the things that are included in this course, but important things we feel the need to touch on so you know what you can expect to get.

How to Use In-Game Addons: Think you already know right? Hah, don't worry most people say they do too. Yet, they spend countless hours on the Internet looking for gold making strategies. Wonder why that is? Yep, you've guessed it! They don't really know what some of these addons actually do and they especially don't know how to use them. In reality, these people who claim they use these addons, aren't really using them to any capacity. We will tell you exactly how to use each addonto make tons of gold and all the secret tricks involved with each one!

Using Online Tools: Did you know there are online tools available that can help you make gold? Maybe you know of a few, but there are a lot of little secrets to these tools that will practically put gold in your bags. There are others that are absolutely necessary for making gold at our level. Don't limit yourself to what you already know or what your guildies showed you. There is a whole world out there of tools to help you make gold online and all of them are legal and extremely helpful when used properly.

Go From 0 Gold to 100 in a less than 1 hour of played time: You will go from 0 to 100 gold, in less than an hour of played time once you start implementing the things you learn in the lessons. You'll learn to do this with a level 1 character. If you already have 100 gold or more GREAT! This is just a sneak peak at how in depth our course really is. It starts you from scratch, absolutely 0 gold, and brings you to gold cap in just 7 detailed lessons. If you have some gold, it will take you even less time to reach gold cap.

Go from 1,000 Gold to 20,000 Gold: The more gold you have the easier and quicker you will reach gold cap. You will go from 1,000 to 20,000 gold in a matter of weeks by logging in for 20 minutes a day. If you want to get there faster, you can log in for a longer period of time, but we don't want to stress you out. Once you understand the lessons of this course and have mastered them, there are no limits.

But that's not it, there is more! Here are more of the things you'll learn when you take this course today:

You Will Also Learn...

How to reach gold cap with only a single level 1 character.
What to do and what not to do if you want to make gold.
The secrets to optimizing your World of Warcraft environment to make more gold.
How to make gold with a brand new character in only a few minutes.
How to find instant and guaranteed profits on your auction house with a few clicks.
How to determine the best time of day and week to buy and sell certain items.
How to automatically cancel and post hundreds of auctions with the perfect prices with the click of a few buttons.
How to ensure you will make as much gold as possible by properly pricing items you post on the auction house.
How to always know the right price to buy and sell an item for, including how to receive instant notification when an item hits a certain price.
The details of do cross-faction trading to take advantage of the most lucrative gold making opportunities.
How to detect and capitalize on big changes to the game before and after they happen.
How to use trade chat and price negotiating skills to make even more gold from the people you trade with.
... and of course much more!


If you are serious about earning tons of gold and being the richest player on your server, I strongly recommend you look into WoW Schools. The tactics revealed in this guide are truly the best way to get gold in World of Warcraft.

Click Here to Visit WoW Schools



Hey. These guys seem to be pretty legit imo, although I have only the opinions of others to base it off of, and not my actual experiences buying from them. hmm :/ Cool site though.

-  Hithere:)

I ordered 15000 gold straight from IGE. I did not even speak to their live chat. Within 15 minutes of order I got an automated call verifying the order and within the next 30 minutes in game a guy wisped me in game.

- bazarfd

I am very pleased with the speed and relative ease for Game4Power. Very professional and I will most definitely be using them again.

- AdpNesss

I am very pleased with the speed and relative ease for Game4Power. Very professional and I will most definitely be using them again.

When I bought LotRO gold from UsFine I had to wait nearly a week and endure numerous brokenpromises that it would be delivered soon.That pissed me off and they responded very slow and rude. The didn't offer a refund or anything. So I started a dispute through PayPal.

- Zombeau was by far the best company I've ever dealt with in buying any sort of game currency.

- Dross

The slowest delivery time i've ever experienced for WOW gold store.  I have been extremely disapointed by SuperGameShop. 

- gulmotto

The MOGS was current in stating that the turn around time for an order was between 30-60 minutes, and sure enough I received a call confirming all of my information before the ISK was sent to me.

- maccle

Quite a disappointing experience with WoWPowerWoW.They don't live up to their high ranking. Apathetic customer service.  Horrible chat queue.

- vheffner

What i actually like about them is their customer support which in my opinion is far more superior then the rest.I've made several deals with IGE and all is done in smooth and fast way.
I have to say IGE is the best on this gold things.

- Vaere

The price was so expensive and since I ordered gold from AllGameGold, they keep me waiting for ever, even for a small amount.They keep saying that you don't have to wait long, but nothing happens! I hope I can get my money back because I don't get gold!

- Amabala666

I tried buying gold from IGXE and I have received my order in time. I am not sure if I was just lucky but it looks like these guys are coming around again. Their site is also more updated with new content, which might mean that they are becoming active again.I will try to order from them again soon and I hope that they deliver my order the same as they did two weeks ago.I suggest you try them out again...

- Cleron99

Less than 30 minutes from ordering and paying for the gold, I have received emails from them detailing the progression of my order, been in Live Chat with a person who spoke real English and talked on the phone with same.I've always used their service. To me, wowmine is the best site around.

- GrumpyFart

Less than 30 minutes from ordering and paying for the gold, I have received emails from them detailing the progression of my order, been in Live Chat with a person who spoke real English and talked on the phone with same.I've always used their service. To me, Game4Power is the best site around.

- gab4moi

IGE is in my opinion just oustanding. 
My experience has been pretty good overall with this site. I've bought from a couple of others, and in the end they give you a big run around. If your order isn't ready on time, just get on their livechat and talk with a rep.

- Ztormy

Like all other gold selling AkGame, they're annoying.I cannot believe this site has so many positive ratings!They may be better at supplying for other games or other servers, but I will NEVER trust them again!

- jobabrat

i have used these guys a couple times and both times the order was completed satisfactorily.Today I recieve a call 15mins before my delivery, and 30mins after the time I specified I recieved the gold in full.
5 stars.

- qiqiroin

My friend ordered from IGXE last week, purchasing WoW US gold.The order was delivered within ~30 hours in full.I guess they did their job as advertised. I think their policy of calling you to establish your identity and confirm your order is a nice feature.

- kagemero

This was my first time buying anything for a game and so I was quite nervous about my first time. Apparently after doing some research on gold farming websites, I found MySuperSales to be the best choice based on the rating on this website. Sure there are websites that have higher ratings, but they usually have bad service and slow dilivery,so I decided to use this one.It went very well. I will certainly buy again if I need in the future.

- Jinjudsu

They make claims and do not fullfil, same as all these other companies that feel its so important to lie and get you to order when they know they cannot fullfill the order..

- NewbuxB

I have worked with and ordered from MOGS since 2006. They have been a great supplier of virtual currency over the years and i've always been pleased with their service.

- Aryoch

UgameGold says guarenteed gold within 24 hours. I bought 500m ISK for Eve Online earlier tonight. Right after I ordered, I hit the "live help" button to see how long it might be.Then I recieved an email saying they were out of stock in my realm(which there aren't alot of people on anyway). Five days later I still get nothing and they started getting very rude as well. I will strongly suggest not going through them unless you want to wait at least a week for your gold.

- nibblemynutz

..on 10th day I have been told by OgeWorld that LOTRO EU GOLD is in stock on server Snowbourn and that i will recieve it in upto 48 hours, so i kept waiting, today it is 14th day and i still did not recieve it, i will wait till 18th day,unintelligible site…

- ivan33987

I purchased the Power Leveling service from 41-55 priced at $51.00. I purchased it on Friday afternoon and they completed it today (Saturday). No problems with the character.I would rely on BankofWoW for some rs gold or warhammer loot. It works perfectly and it came in fast.

- Andies

Thsale said the gold"delivery garunteed within 30 minutes - 48 hours,don't believe the whole word.This company will take your money and give you nothing,tomorrow i will send off a dispute form to my credit company and the next step after that will be informing the police.

- Khalus

I have bought WOW gold 2 times from Game4Power and I will certainly buy again.It took about an hour for delivery, which was longer than their site promised, but support was responsive, and it was an overall good experience. I'd buy from them again.

- Miralyn

Terrible delivery. Slow customer service chat. Promised within 48 hours. 48 hours later they don't know when they will make delivery.Chat queue is horrible. Email response is painfully slow. I feel so depressed for AkGame…

- Virgil85

I bought 250k eve online isk from BankofWoW... Ordering process was smooth, no problems.The first time the gold was delivered in 25 hours,the second time in 2-3 hours time!! Fast and reliable service!Highly recommended...!

- Vaebn

I orderd gold for WowUS from G4AIR and was told it would be delivered in 30 mins. 5 days later and several emails and live chats, they finally confessed that they didn't have ANY gold collected and asked if I could be patient. I had to demand a refund. This is the worst customer service I've ever dealt with, and I caution you to be VERY careful before using their services.

- Acidbaron

I ordered 10k gold from IGXE around three hours ago and now - bingo! I have my flymount. The gold was available and delivered within 2 hrs.
Very pleased doing business with these guys, and I think I will do it next time.Very fast delivery and absolutely no hassle; a very good experience!

- kageyfna